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How to Remove Background in Photopea

Within the expansive realm of digital creativity and graphic design, the capacity to erase backgrounds in image editing software emerges as a priceless aptitude. Whether you’re a seasoned designer striving to isolate subjects for a montage, a marketer fashioning visually captivating graphics, or just an individual keen on enhancing personal photos, mastering this skill in Photopea can distinguish your work. Photopea stands as a potent, web-based instrument that competes with conventional desktop applications such as erasing background in Adobe Photoshop and provides functionalities similar to eliminating background in Canva, but with the added benefit of being available from any location, without requiring installation.

Rationale for Deleting Backgrounds?

Eliminating backgrounds from images transcends mere technicality; it embodies an art form that injects vitality into visuals. It enables creators to concentrate on the subject, seamlessly merge diverse elements, and even enhance images for superior quality. Whether it’s for curating engaging social media content, crafting professional product showcases, or pursuing personal projects, the capability to cleanly extract your subject from its backdrop is vital for achieving a refined and compelling outcome.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough for Erasing Backgrounds in Photopea

The task of erasing backgrounds may appear intimidating initially, especially for novices. However, with Photopea, the process is clear-cut. Adhere to this comprehensive guide to elevate your images from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Initiate Your Image

  • Commence Photopea on your web browser.
  • Access File > Open, or directly drag and drop your image into the workspace.

2. Determine the Subject

  • Employ the Quick Selection Tool from the toolbar, ideal for grabbing the segments of your image that you want to retain.
  • Click and drag over your subject. Photopea will intelligently identify the subject. For precise adjustments, utilize the [ and ] keys to resize the brush.
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3. Enhance the Edge

  • After selecting the subject, click on Select > Refine Edge. This action opens a new window.
  • Utilize the various sliders to modify the edge detection, feathering, and smoothing, a crucial step for achieving a natural-looking separation from the background.

4. Eradicate the Background

  • Upon satisfaction with the selection, invert it by navigating to Select > Inverse.
  • Press the Delete key. Voila! The background vanishes, leaving only your chosen subject.

5. Precision Adjustments

  • Occasionally, the initial removal may leave remnants or fail to perfectly capture the edges.
  • Utilize the Clone Stamp or Healing Brush tools for any requisite refinements.

6. Export Your Creation

  • Proceed to File > Export As and opt for your preferred format (PNG is advised for preserving transparency).
  • Adjust the settings as per your requirements and hit Save. Your image is now primed for utilization in any context, free of backgrounds!

Innovative Applications of Background Removal

Once the background is eliminated, the potentialities are limitless. Here are a few concepts to ignite your imaginative spark:

  • Creation of Composites: Merge your subject with entirely new backgrounds to fashion imaginative scenarios or authentic settings.
  • Enhanced Product Imagery: Present products cleanly against a white or solid-color backdrop for a professional appearance.
  • Graphic Design Endeavors: Integrate your subject into designs, flyers, and more without the distraction of the original background.
  • Personal Touch: Elevate the appeal of personalized gifts, like mugs and t-shirts, by showcasing solely the subject.

Strategies for Success

  • Precise Selection is Key: Dedicate time to refining your selection for optimal outcomes.
  • Practice Enhances Proficiency: The more you employ Photopea’s tools, the more adept you’ll become.
  • Embrace Experimentation: Embrace varied tools and techniques without hesitation to discover what best suits your image.


The process of discarding backgrounds from images need not be a task relegated to professionals exclusively. With Photopea, everyone can achieve remarkable outcomes with some practice and ingenuity. From enhancing personal photos to producing professional-grade designs, the ability to isolate subjects and enhance images opens doors to a realm of endless possibilities. So, delve into Photopea, and commence transforming your images into masterpieces today.

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