Creating Personalized iPhone Backgrounds on Your Computer: Apps and Step-by-Step Guide

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How To Make Custom iPhone Wallpaper On Computer (Apps And Guide)

If you own an iPhone and want to enhance its appearance, consider creating a personalized wallpaper. This guide walks you through using your computer to design your own custom iPhone wallpaper.

We will outline the steps to create a lock screen wallpaper and introduce apps and programs you can utilize.

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Key Takeaways

  • Utilize photo editing software on PC or Mac for detailed custom iPhone wallpapers.
  • Apps like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Fotor, Designhill’s Wallpaper Maker, and Visme can assist in creating custom wallpapers.

Creating a Custom iPhone Wallpaper via PC or Mac

Designing a lock screen wallpaper on a computer provides more options than using a phone app, allowing for greater detail and creativity. Follow these steps to craft your unique iPhone lock screen wallpaper!

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Choose your desired image.
  2. Open your preferred photo editing program.
  3. Create a new document matching your iPhone’s screen size (e.g., 1170 x 2532 pixels for iPhone 12).
  4. Drag and drop your wallpaper image into the new document.
  5. Utilize editing features like crop, resize, text additions, or design elements.
  6. Save the modified image as a JPEG or PNG file on your computer.
  7. Transfer the wallpaper to your iPhone.
  8. In the Photos app, select the transferred image.
  9. Press the Share button.
  10. Select Use as Wallpaper.
  11. Adjust the wallpaper size and position as desired.
  12. Choose Set.
  13. Set the image as your lock or home screen wallpaper.
  14. Apply the wallpaper by selecting Set on your iPhone.

Create a distinctive iPhone wallpaper using easy editing tools from your computer. Transform any photo into a perfect design and display your unique creation throughout the day.

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Programs for Creating Custom Wallpapers

Ready to design your own custom wallpaper? Check out the following apps to turn your images into iPhone wallpapers: Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Fotor, Designhill’s Wallpaper Maker, and Visme.


Unleash your creativity with Canva! Design beautiful wallpapers without prior experience – add text, images, and graphics to craft unique masterpieces perfect for your style!

Create wallpapers for any device effortlessly with Canva, ensuring compatibility and stunning visuals on all devices.

Adobe Photoshop

Create personalized iPhone wallpapers and explore various design features in Adobe Photoshop. Customize your artwork effortlessly with filters, layers, and color adjustments.

Adobe Photoshop offers a wide range of file formats, making it perfect for creating custom wallpapers easily.


Fotor provides immense customization capabilities for crafting impressive iPhone wallpapers. Enjoy Adobe Photoshop-like features with ease of use for stunning designs.

Designhill’s Wallpaper Maker

Designhill’s Wallpaper Maker offers templates and tools to create exciting backgrounds for your device. Accessible globally for creating wonderful wallpapers!


Create custom iPhone wallpapers effortlessly with Visme, offering unlimited customization without downloads. Collaborate globally and track performance analytics with ease!

Benefits of Using Custom Wallpapers for Your iPhone

Show your unique style with custom iPhone wallpapers, transforming your device into a personal statement. Express yourself with meaningful memories or vibrant designs!

Add a personal touch to your device for a standout look that represents you, whether through minimalist designs or bold colors.

Immerse yourself in positivity through cheerful wallpapers or inspiring quotes for a mood boost every time you use your device!


You now have the knowledge to create custom iPhone wallpapers and the tools to experiment with. Harness your creativity by designing personalized wallpapers for yourself or loved ones.

Create your distinctive wallpaper design today!

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