Guide to Making an Image the Backdrop in Microsoft Word

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How to Make a Picture the Background in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word, a cornerstone of Microsoft Office Suite, extends beyond a mere word-processing tool. It provides a range of features and adaptability, enabling users to craft visually captivating and polished documents. One such potent feature that will be delved into in this article is establishing an image as the backdrop in Word.

Integrating an image as a backdrop can infuse a personal touch or professional allure, contingent on the image and its context. It can elevate the engagement level of your reports, newsletters, or event flyers. Though the process is not as simple as altering text or inserting an image, with this detailed guide, you will soon master this skill.

Comprehending the Influence of Backdrop Images

An image conveys myriad messages. Incorporating images as backdrops in your Word documents can yield multiple advantages:

Visual Appeal: An appropriate backdrop image can augment the aesthetic allure of your document.
• Personalization: A backdrop image permits customization of your document, whether it’s a personal letter, event invitation, or presentation.
• Branding: For businesses, employing branded images or logos in the backdrop can enhance brand recognition and cohesion.

How to Assign an Image as Backdrop in Microsoft Word: A Stepwise Manual

Here are the procedures to establish an image as the backdrop of your Word document:

  1. Access Your Document: Initiate Microsoft Word and open the desired document where you intend to employ an image as the backdrop.
  2. Incorporate Image: Navigate to the ‘Insert’ tab on the upper ribbon. Click on ‘Pictures’ in the ‘Illustrations’ section and then opt for ‘This Device’ if your image is stored locally. Browse through your files and select the desired image.
  3. Assign Image as Backdrop: After inserting the image, select it by clicking. Subsequently, under ‘Picture Format’ (which should appear post selection of the image), click on the ‘Wrap Text’ choice, and designate ‘Behind Text’. Your image will now function as the backdrop.
  4. Adjust the Image: If necessary, modify the image size by dragging its edges until it fits your page. Also, contemplate adjusting the brightness and contrast under the ‘Picture Format’ tab to ensure the text atop the image is easily legible.
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Keep in mind, akin to altering the background color, the background image will not be printed by default. To print the background image, you must tweak the Word settings by proceeding to ‘File’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Display’, and then check ‘Print background colors and images’.

Guidelines for Utilizing Backdrop Images in Word Documents

Resolution Significance: For optimal appearance, employ high-resolution images as your backdrop.
Consider Readability: If text overlays your image, adjust the brightness and contrast of your image or deliberate on incorporating a semi-transparent layer between your text and the backdrop image for enhanced readability.
Document Size: High-resolution images can inflate the size of your Word document. If document sharing via email or compact file size is essential, take this factor into account.
Appropriate Implementation: While backdrop images can enrich your document’s aesthetics, not every document harmonizes with a backdrop image. Ponder on the context and utilize judiciously.


Embedding an image as the backdrop in Word can introduce a fresh layer of customization and allure to your documents. Whether for personal or professional purposes, this dynamic feature is poised to make your documents distinct.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I designate an image as the backdrop in Word?

Indeed, you can. This can be executed by integrating the image and specifying it as ‘Behind Text’ under the ‘Wrap Text’ option in the ‘Picture Format’ tab.

Can I print the backdrop image in my Word document?

By default, Word abstains from printing the backdrop image to conserve ink. Nevertheless, you can adjust this setting in ‘File’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Display’, and tick ‘Print background colors and images’.

Can I utilize a distinct backdrop image for each page in Word?

Absolutely, you can. However, you must individually insert and adjust each image on every page.

How do I eliminate the backdrop image in Word?

Click on the image and hit the ‘Delete’ key on your keyboard.

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Does integrating a backdrop image impact my document’s size?

Indeed, employing high-resolution images as backdrops can substantially inflate the size of your Word document.

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