How to Change the Wallpaper on Your Android Phone in 2 Ways

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How to Change the Wallpaper on Your Android Phone in 2 Ways

If you wish to exhibit your unique style, why not initiate with the background of your Android gadget? Let this document guide you – through two straightforward steps! Flaunt some individuality and treat yourself to a captivating sight every time you unlock your device.

Elevate your Android smartphone into something genuinely distinctive with Mobile backgrounds. Whether you lean towards the charm of nature, elegant minimalism, or vibrant and striking colors; altering the backdrop is a breeze using either in-app Gallery choices or even external applications! Get motivated today: establish a look that resonates with who you are and what sets you apart – from just a single image!

Main Points

  • You can easily personalize the background on your Android phone through two simple methods: by utilizing the integrated Gallery app or by using third-party applications like Google Wallpapers.
  • Avoid suspicious origins and high-definition files that could potentially harm your device. Keep it straightforward with small, stationary images from reliable background platforms or apps.
    Explore our Top 10 Free Background Apps For iOS & Android Devices article to kickstart your customization journey.
  • Ensure that your background is legitimate by taking preemptive measures. To steer clear of copyright regulations, create your own content or utilize royalty-free stock photos.

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Method 1: How to Modify Background Through Gallery

You can expand your collection of backgrounds on your Android phone by fetching images from the web. Install tailor-made backgrounds of your preference or employ your personal images as backgrounds. Additionally, you can also experiment with incorporating these Android backgrounds on your display.

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Here is how to refresh the background on your Android phone:

  1. Launch your phone’s Gallery application.
  2. Select the background of your choice.
  3. Click on the “More options” icon (three dots).*
  4. Select either “Set as background” or “Utilize as background.”
  5. Opt to set it as main screen background, locking screen background, or both.
  6. Tap on “Establish background” or “Apply” to adjust the background.


  • You may refine the background by repositioning, zooming, and resizing the image as desired.
  • Android users can also browse their phone’s Gallery app via the vacant space on their main screen. Just long-press an empty region on the main screen > choose Backgrounds from the options that appear > pick ‘Local Images’ and select a desired background. Then apply it to either or both screen types for a distinctive personalization!
  • The Settings application on your Android device presents an alternative approach to access your Gallery and apply a new background. Simply launch the Settings application on your main screen, navigate to Display > Background, and pick a captivating background of your liking.

Method 2: How to Modify Background Through External Applications

With Google Wallpapers, your Android device can undergo a complete transformation! From abstract artwork to mesmerizing panoramas and more, you’ll encounter boundless opportunities for tailoring your device.

Here’s how to alter your background using Google Wallpapers:

  1. Download and deploy the Google Wallpapers application.
  2. Launch the application, then peruse and locate a background.
  3. Select the preferred background.
  4. Preview the background.
  5. Assign it as your background by selecting the “Establish background” button.
  6. Choose to set it as main screen background, locking screen background, or both to apply the same background.
  7. Refine the background’s positioning, zoom, and size as desired.
  8. Tap on “Establish background” or “Apply” to save the changes and set the updated Android background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a background crash your phone?

Although rare, it is plausible for a background to disrupt a device. There exist scenarios where issues related to backgrounds can emerge. These can range from impeding the performance of an Android device when employing live backgrounds or applications demanding more system resources – to more severe complications such as hardware damage caused by untrustworthy sources and large file sizes.

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To avert such circumstances, adhere to our recommendations: stick to reliable backgrounds and abstain from associated applications; instead opt for compact static images that pose no risk! In case any issues arise post changing your background image, always ensure you have a dependable backup – like reverting to default settings!

Using Google images for backgrounds without authorization is typically not lawful. This is because most images sourced from Google are copyrighted material. Nevertheless, some images are available for free public usage, and Google offers a tool to filter search outcomes by utilization rights. For safety, opt for backgrounds from sources explicitly stating free image usage. You may also consider creating original images or utilizing royalty-free stock images.

Personalize Your Phone Display in Only a Couple of Simple Steps

Infuse your Android phone with character today through just two easy approaches! Customize the background to make it uniquely yours by either using the integrated Gallery app or Google Wallpapers. Both methods are straightforward and swift, enabling you to switch up your device’s appearance swiftly – ideal for when you crave something new that seamlessly blends with your lifestyle.

When customizing your phone, deliberate the type of background you select thoughtfully. Live backgrounds may seem appealing but can drain battery and impede device speed – hence, rely on trusted sources! Additionally, shun resource-heavy applications; spending a few extra minutes on downloads guarantees an optimal experience for years to come.

In conclusion, altering your background image is a straightforward yet impactful method to grant your phone a fresh appearance. Whether utilizing the built-in Gallery app or Google Wallpapers app, dedicating time into customizing your phone’s background aids in expressing your unique style and endowing your phone with a personal touch. So why delay? Go ahead and refresh the main and lock screens of your Android smartphones today!

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