How to Get Apple’s Very First iPhone Wallpaper on Your Device

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How to Get Apple's Very First iPhone Wallpaper on Your Device

Upon the introduction of the inaugural iPhone by Steve Jobs in 2007, a distinctive wallpaper displaying a pair of clownfish against a verdant backdrop was unveiled. Nevertheless, this wallpaper did not make its way onto any iPhone models until the most recent iOS updates. If you crave a wave of nostalgia and aspire to infuse a hint of heritage into your contemporary iPhone, you’re in the correct location! In this composition, we will present a comprehensive guide on procuring the original iPhone wallpaper for both your lock and home screens.

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Key Points of Interest

  • The original iPhone wallpaper features a duo of clownfish against a green sea anemone backdrop. It was officially made accessible for use only in the third beta of iOS 16.
  • If you are operating on the third beta of iOS 16, access the wallpaper within the Lock Screen gallery. Otherwise, you may conveniently locate the image on Google or peruse our download options to install them.

The Primary Authentic Apple Wallpapers

Consumers with the most recent iPhone 13 models received a delightful surprise with the installation of the third beta of iOS 16. They can indulge in an exclusive clownfish wallpaper discreetly nestled within its Lock Screen gallery! Regrettably, this dynamic and colorful addition solely caters to those who have upgraded their mobile devices.

Although the clownfish wallpaper was never featured on any preceding iPhone models till date, it did make an appearance as a desktop wallpaper on Mac OS X in the past.

Nevertheless, this should not deter you from featuring it on your iPhone’s lock screen, iPad, or even your Mac apparatus. You are at liberty to embellish additional devices beyond the Apple spectrum with this feature!

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User Guide for Configuring the Initial iPhone Wallpaper

The ensuing steps elucidate the process of acquiring the original clownfish wallpaper for your device:

  1. Visit our download destination or conduct a search for “iPhone clownfish wallpaper” on Google Images.
  2. Long press on the wallpaper illustration and opt for “Add to Photos” or “Save Image.”
  3. Lunch the Photos app on your iPhone.
  4. Select the clownfish wallpaper.
  5. Tap the “Share” feature situated at the lower-left edge of the screen.
  6. Peruse and opt for “Use as Wallpaper.”
  7. Pick “Set Lock Screen” or “Set Home Screen,” or both based on your inclination.

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Reviving the Original Essence: Acquiring the Inceptive Apple iPhone Wallpaper

At long last, it’s here! The iconic iPhone ‘clownfish wallpaper’ that debuted in the maiden iOS version has resurfaced. After a prolonged absence, you can now procure and relish this timeless appearance on your contemporary Apple gadget — be it an iPhone 13, an iPad, or a Mac machine. Simply adhere to our straightforward directions to establish the background effortlessly with just a few clicks, rekindling some reminiscences while injecting a touch of individuality to your home screen today!

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