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How to Make a GIF Your Google Background

Are you excited about enhancing your Google browsing experience by applying a GIF as your Google background? While Google doesn’t directly support setting a GIF as the background image, there are clever alternatives you can employ to accomplish this task. In this detailed walkthrough, we will uncover how you can set a GIF as your Google background to infuse a dose of animation into your browsing escapades.

The Enchantment of GIFs

GIFs, known as Graphics Interchange Format, have taken the internet realm by storm. They serve as a captivating mode of expression that encompasses a variety of emotions, reactions, and actions. Implementing a GIF as your Google background not only customizes your browser but also injects an element of amusement and innovation.

Enabling a GIF as Your Google Background Using Extensions

There are numerous Chrome extensions accessible that empower you to personalize your Google background, with a well-liked option being “Custom Google™ Background.” Here’s a guide on how to utilize it:

1. Acquire the Extension

Launch your Google Chrome browser and visit the Chrome Web Store. Search for the “Custom Google™ Background” extension. Click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to integrate the extension into your browser.

2. Configure the Extension

Upon installing the extension, navigate to Google’s homepage. A small icon should be visible in the lower-left corner of the Google homepage. Click on this icon to access the extension’s settings.

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3. Select Your GIF

Press the ‘Add’ button, then insert the URL of the GIF you wish to set as your background into the designated field. GIFs can be sourced from various platforms like GIPHY or Tenor; simply right-click on your chosen GIF to copy the image link.

4. Assign Your GIF as the Background

After pasting the URL, press the ‘Enter’ key. Subsequently, the GIF should be designated as your Google background.

Optimizing Your GIF Background to the Fullest

Now that you’ve arranged a GIF as your Google background, here are some recommendations to maximize this feature:

  • Select an Appropriate GIF

The GIF you opt for will be the initial visual upon opening Google. Choose one that reflects your personality or aligns with your present mood or theme.

  • Maintain Visibility of Google’s Features

Ensure that your GIF doesn’t obstruct the visibility of Google’s features. Select a GIF that is not overly busy and exhibits a harmonious blend of colors.

  • Adjust Speed and Quality

Certain extensions enable you to regulate the speed and quality of the GIF. If your GIF is causing delays or slow-loading issues, contemplate lowering its speed or quality.

Implementing a GIF as your Google background introduces a distinct and personalized aspect to your browsing endeavor. It enables your individuality to radiate each time you launch Google, transforming browsing into an engaging and enjoyable venture.


Employing a GIF as your Google background brings forth a touch of originality and personalization to your browsing sessions. It represents a fun means to express your uniqueness and infuse a dynamic element into your Google homepage. So, why not experiment with it? Handpick your favored GIF and commence browsing with a twist!


Can any GIF serve as my Google background?

Undoubtedly, any accessible GIF can be utilized as your Google background as long as it’s obtainable on the internet and you possess its URL.

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Is it viable to set a GIF as my Google background sans utilizing an extension?

Google does not inherently endorse utilizing a GIF as your Google background. Employing a third-party extension is vital.

Can I establish a GIF as my Google background on all browsers?

The feasibility of this feature is contingent on the specific browser and the extensions it supports. The method delineated in this article is purpose-built for Google Chrome.

Does integrating a GIF as my Google background decelerate my browser?

This largely hinges on the size and quality of the GIF plus your internet connection quality. Should you observe a notable slowdown, contemplate selecting a simpler or smaller GIF.

Can I swap my Google background GIF?

Absolutely! You can swap your Google background GIF by revisiting the extension settings and entering a new GIF URL.

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