Mastering Background Blur in CapCut for Professional Videos

by Hiu Hiu
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How to Blur Background on CapCut

It’s common knowledge that video content has gained dominance in the digital realm. Whether it’s for social media, business presentations, or personal memories, videos have evolved into a primary mode of communication and self-expression. The proliferation of mobile video editing applications like CapCut has streamlined the process of crafting videos at a professional level. Among the myriad features provided by CapCut, one particular standout is the capacity to soften the background. In this piece, we will walk you through the simple process of how to soften the background on CapCut and delve into some pointers and strategies to optimize this functionality.

An Overview of CapCut

CapCut is a complimentary all-in-one video editing application that furnishes an array of features to enrich and personalize your videos. From incorporating music, text, and stickers to employing filters and transitions, CapCut presents you with a creative platform to narrate your tales. Notably, one of its pivotal features is the capability to soften the background of your videos, which can aid in directing the viewer’s gaze towards the primary subject.

The Stepwise Manual on How to Soften Background on CapCut

To impart a professional touch to your videos, adhere to the stepwise manual provided below on how to soften background on CapCut:

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Step 1: Introduce Your Video

Launch the CapCut application and initiate a fresh project by selecting the “New Project” button. Opt for the video that you wish to soften the background of from your gallery and import it into the application.

Step 2: Replicate Your Video Stratum

To generate the softened background effect, you’ll necessitate working with two strata of the same video. Click on the video on your timeline, then pick “Copy” from the ensuing menu. You’ll now possess two strata of the identical video.

Step 3: Soften the Background Stratum

Choose the lower video stratum, which will function as your background. Then, click on “Effects” > “Basic Effects” > “Blur”. You can modulate the intensity of the blur as per your preference.

Step 4: Forge a Mask for the Foreground Stratum

The subsequent step is to fashion a mask for the upper video layer to render the softened background discernible. Pick the upper video layer and click on “Mask”. Select the shape of the mask that best suits the subject of your video. You can adjust the dimensions and positioning of the mask as required.

Step 5: Perfect Your Video

Once content with the visual aspect of your video, you can further enrich it by incorporating text, music, or other effects.

And that wraps it up! You are now equipped with the knowledge of how to soften background on CapCut and can implement this expertise to enhance the professionalism and allure of your videos.

Professional Suggestions for Softening Background on CapCut

While the process of softening the background in CapCut is straightforward, there are several suggestions you can adhere to in order to leverage this feature optimally:

  1. Factor in the Subject: Tailor the shape and size of your mask in accordance with the subject of your video. Ensure the subject remains distinct while the background is softened.
  2. Tailor the Intensity: Excessive blur can impart an unnatural appearance to your video, hence fine-tune the blur intensity to strike a balance.
  3. Utilize Masks Ingeniously: The mask feature lends itself to creative uses, enabling you to accentuate or draw attention to specific segments of your video.
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Softening the background of your videos in CapCut can significantly elevate the caliber of your content. It constitutes a potent technique that can aid in highlighting the subject of your video and fashioning a depth-of-field effect typically associated with high-grade cameras. With the guidance dispensed in this piece, you are now well-versed in how to soften background on CapCut. Hence, do not hesitate to experiment and fabricate stunning, professional-grade videos directly from your mobile device!

Frequently Posed Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I soften the background of an image in CapCut?

Absolutely, you can implement the same steps outlined above to soften the background of an image in CapCut.

2. Is there a possibility to soften solely a portion of the video in CapCut?

Indeed, by using the mask feature, you can designate the segment of the video you wish to soften.

3. Can I utilize CapCut to blur the background of a video in the course of a video call?

No, CapCut serves as a post-production editing tool and cannot be utilized in real-time during a video call.

4. Can I regulate the degree of softening in CapCut?

Certainly, the degree of softening can be conveniently adjusted in CapCut to align with your preference.

5. Is CapCut accessible for both iOS and Android devices?

Indeed, CapCut is obtainable for free download on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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