Mastering Background Removal in Adobe Premiere Elements

by Hiu Hiu
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How to Remove Background in Adobe Premiere Elements

Within the domain of video editing, one method often veiled in a cloak of intricacy is the capacity to eliminate backgrounds. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, a content creator, or simply an individual aiming to refine personal videos, mastering this skill can revolutionize your visual storytelling. Today, we are delving deeply into the realms of Adobe Premiere Elements, a potent yet straightforward tool that provides an entry point into the sophisticated universe of video editing, encompassing the much-desired capability to eliminate backgrounds.

Unveiling the Art of Background Removal

Prior to commencing our systematic journey, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the transformative influence of background removal. This technique transcends mere eradication of unsightly elements or substitution of mundane skies with dramatic sunsets; it unleashes a realm of creativity, empowering your imagination to roam freely across the canvas of your footage. While professional-grade software like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and After Effects offer extensive features for background removal in video editing software, Adobe Premiere Elements provides a more approachable option that strikes a balance between power and simplicity.

Step 1: Preparing the Environment

Inception point, ensure Adobe Premiere Elements is installed on your device. Launch the application and bring in the video clip from which you wish to eliminate the background. Initiate by dragging your clip onto the timeline.

Step 2: Accessing the Green/Blue Screen Effect

  • Locate the ‘Effects’ tab.
  • Scroll through or search for the ‘Green Screen Key’ or ‘Blue Screen Key’ effect.
  • Drop this effect onto your clip in the timeline.

The allure of this feature lies in its ability to discern the background from the foreground based on color, rendering it ideal for videos filmed against a green or blue screen.

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Step 3: Refining Your Effect

Upon applying the effect, it’s time to hone the output for a clean and seamless removal:

  • Choose your clip.
  • Press the ‘Applied Effects’ button to unveil the effect properties.
  • Modify the settings (such as tolerance, edge thickness, and edge feather) to perfect the fusion between your subject and the new background.

This stage leans more towards artistry than formula, demanding a touch of patience and a discerning eye for detail to achieve optimal equilibrium.

Step 4: Incorporating Your New Background

  • Integrate the background image or video you desire to use.
  • Drop it onto a fresh track in the timeline, ensuring it sits beneath your primary video track.

Suddenly, your subject transcends its original surroundings; it is now free to explore new realms, all from the convenience of your editing suite.

Step 5: Adding the Finishing Touches

  • Preview your video to guarantee the background integration is seamless.
  • Tweak any final settings to ensure harmonious blending between your subject and background.
  • Export your masterpiece, primed to astonish audiences with your newly acquired skills.

Expert Pointers for Exceptional Outcomes

  • Illumination: Ensure your original footage is well-illuminated, accentuating a clear distinction between the subject and the background.
  • Sharp Boundaries: Focus intently on the edges surrounding your subject. Finely adjusting these regions can make or break the authenticity of your composition.
  • Exploration: Embrace experimentation with diverse backgrounds. At times, the most unforeseen pairings yield the most captivating results.

Beyond Premiere Elements

  • Background elimination in Premiere Pro: Advanced functionalities for professionals to eliminate backgrounds, tailoring to intricate projects with its comprehensive toolkit.
  • Background elimination in Final Cut Pro: Delivers unique features customized for background removal, enhancing productivity for Mac users through its streamlined workflow.
  • Background elimination in After Effects: Specializes in motion graphics and visual effects, incorporating advanced options to remove backgrounds for dynamic creations.


Eliminating backgrounds within Adobe Premiere Elements transcends a mere editing endeavor; it embodies an act of creative emancipation. Equipped with the delineated steps above, you are well-prepared to metamorphose your videos from mundane to magnificent. As your proficiency in the process evolves, bear in mind that each video serves as an empty canvas awaiting your creative touch. The sole constraints are those set by your imagination.

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Hence, confidently assume the director’s mantle, knowing you wield the ability to mold worlds, craft narratives, and breathe life into your visions, one background elimination at a time. Whether curating content for social media, editing a personal project, or dabbling in digital storytelling, the proficiencies garnered today serve as your passport to a more vibrant, compelling visual odyssey.

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