Mastering Background Removal in Premiere Pro

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How to Remove Background in Premiere Pro

In Premiere Pro, a standout tool for video editing and multimedia, knowing how to remove background in Premiere Pro is essential. This transformative technique allows content creators to elevate their footage, creating visually striking results through isolation of subjects, composite scenes, or visual cleanup.

Introduction: The Art of Background Removal

The prowess to eliminate background from video footage distinguishes professional-grade productions from amateur content. Adobe Premiere Pro equips users with a robust toolset, enabling the creation of polished, seamless compositions without external software. The software also addresses background noise removal, ensuring audio clarity alongside visual perfection.

How to Remove Background in Premiere Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

Utilizing the Ultra Key effect in Adobe Premiere Pro facilitates background removal from video footage, notably used with green screen footage. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Import Your Footage

Commence by importing your footage into the project panel within Adobe Premiere Pro.

Step 2: Add Your Footage to the Timeline

Drag your footage to the timeline; for green screen footage, the subject will be against a vibrant green background.

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Step 3: Locate the Ultra Key Effect

In the “Effects” panel, search for “Ultra Key” to access the effect under “Video Effects > Keying”.

Step 4: Apply the Ultra Key Effect

Apply the Ultra Key effect onto your footage on the timeline.

Step 5: Select the Color to Remove

In the “Effect Controls” panel, use the eyedropper tool near “Key Color” to select the color for removal (e.g., green from a green screen).

Step 6: Refine the Effect

Enhance the key using “Matte Generation” and “Matte Cleanup” to remove any residual color.

Step 7: Place Your New Background

If replacing the background, import the new background footage into the project panel and position it beneath the keyed footage on the timeline.

Step 8: Fine-Tune Your Composition

Adjust foreground or background footage positioning, scaling, and other elements to achieve the desired visual outcome.

Step 9: Export Your Video

Upon satisfaction with the result, export your video through File > Export > Media.

Additional Tips and Techniques

While the Ultra Key effect is potent, implement these tips for improved outcomes:

  • Lighting is Key: Well-lit green screens facilitate easier background removal.
  • Garbage Matte: Use a garbage matte to eliminate unnecessary scene components before applying the key.
  • Color Correction: Post-keying, apply color correction for better foreground-background cohesion.

Advanced Techniques: Beyond Premiere Pro

For advanced background removal tasks, Adobe’s After Effects and Premiere Elements offer enhanced keying features and effects that complement Premiere Pro for complex projects.

  • Remove background in After Effects: Explore features like the Roto Brush in After Effects for intricate removal tasks.
  • Remove background in Adobe Premiere Elements: Benefit from auto smart tone and guided edits in Premiere Elements for simplified removal processes.


Mastering background removal in Premiere Pro amplifies creative possibilities, whether for visual effects, compositing, or refining footage. With the outlined steps, you’re on the path to mastering this core video editing skill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove any background color using Premiere Pro?

While any color can be removed with the Ultra Key effect, vibrant background colors (e.g., green or blue) that contrast with the subject are most effective.

What if I don’t have a green screen?

A uniform, well-lit background can be keyed out, even without a green screen.

Can I add a moving background to my keyed footage?

Yes, you can replace the background with various content types, whether static images or dynamic videos.

Why is there a green outline around my subject after keying?

The green outline, known as “spill,” can be minimized using “Spill Suppression” options in the Ultra Key effect.

Why is my new background appearing on top of my subject?

Ensure the background footage is positioned beneath the keyed footage on the timeline to avoid obscuring the subject.

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