Mastering Background Replacement in Videos without a Green Screen

by Hiu Hiu
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How to Put a Background on a Video without a Green Screen

Within the realm of film creation, the green screen has persistently served as a crucial instrument for crafting captivating visual enhancements, shifting performers from mundane studio settings to virtually any conceivable locale. Nevertheless, procuring a green screen isn’t always feasible for everyone, particularly for novice videographers and content producers. But fret not, as akin effects can still be achieved. This piece will elucidate how you can integrate a background into your video without a green screen.

Comprehending Chroma Keying

Prior to delving into the crux of the matter, comprehending the function of a green screen is paramount. The technical designation for green screen effects is ‘chroma keying’. During chroma keying, the software eliminates a specific color (typically a vivid green, hence the moniker green screen) from the video. This ‘key’ hue is then substituted with an alternative video clip or image, fashioning the illusion that the performers are situated in a different scenario.

The pivotal aspect of chroma keying entails ensuring that the eliminated color isn’t present within the video subjects. This elucidates why vivid green is commonly utilized – it’s a shade typically absent in human skin tones or garments. Nonetheless, what if a green screen is absent? Can the backdrop of your video still be transformed? Undoubtedly! Let’s explore how.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Incorporating a Background in a Video sans a Green Screen

Step 1: Capture Your Video

To commence, you require a video. When recording, bear in mind that the backdrop should be as uniform as feasible in terms of color and illumination. For instance, a featureless white wall could serve suitably. Furthermore, the principal subject of the video should refrain from donning hues that correspond with the backdrop, as these segments might be removed during the process.

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Step 2: Select Your Video Editing Application

Various video editing applications are accessible, encompassing Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, as well as free alternatives such as OpenShot or VSDC Free Video Editor. Opt for one that aligns with your finances and proficiency level. The chosen software should endorse a function denoted as ‘color range’ or ‘color key’ to supplant your designated color with an alternate backdrop.

Step 3: Import Your Video and Background

Initiate your video editing application and import your video alongside the image or video you wish to utilize as the fresh backdrop. Position the video clip on one stratum of your timeline and the backdrop on another.

Step 4: Apply the Color Key Effect

Seek out the ‘color key’ or ‘color range’ effect within your software and implement it to your video. Employing the tool’s dropper or color picker, designate the backdrop color in your video. This action will generate a mask, rendering the color zones in your video transparent.

Step 5: Adjust the Settings

Fine-tune the settings as necessary to refine the effect. Manipulate the ‘fuzziness’ or ‘tolerance’ settings to regulate how rigorously the software selects the color. A heightened tolerance will eliminate a broader spectrum of the specified color, while a reduced tolerance will solely remove the precise color.

Step 6: Situate Your Modern Background

Now that your original backdrop is translucent, drag and drop your fresh background onto the layer beneath your video. Subsequently, the modern backdrop should materialize in lieu of the initial backdrop in your video.

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