Mastering the Art of Blurring Backgrounds on FaceTime

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How to Blur Background on FaceTime

In the modern age of video calls and virtual gatherings, mastering the subtleties of virtual communication is increasingly important. One such subtlety is managing your backdrop during video calls. A clutter-free, professional-looking background can significantly enhance your virtual presence. However, there might be instances where achieving this is challenging. This is where defocusing your background on FaceTime can be beneficial.

This in-depth manual aims to explore the techniques for how to defocus the background on FaceTime and establish a focused, distraction-free video call experience on your Apple devices.

Understanding FaceTime’s Focus Feature

The key to defocusing the background on FaceTime lies in grasping a recent addition to iOS known as the “Focus” feature. Launched in iOS 15, Focus allows you to create a depth effect by automatically defocusing your background during FaceTime calls.

How to Defocus Background on FaceTime: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Achieving a defocused background in FaceTime involves just a few straightforward steps. Here’s your comprehensive guide to achieving this effect:

Step 1: Upgrade Your Device

Primarily, ensure that your iPhone or iPad is operating on iOS 15 or later. The defocused background feature, also referred to as Portrait Mode, is exclusive to these versions.

Step 2: Launch FaceTime

Initiate the FaceTime application to open it. You can either commence a new call or join an ongoing one.

Step 3: Activate Portrait Mode

Once the call begins, tap anywhere on the screen to unveil the call options. Tap the “Portrait” button to activate the defocused background effect.

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And there you have it! Your FaceTime call will now showcase a defocused background, ensuring the focus remains solely on you.

Enhancing Your FaceTime Calls

While learning how to defocus the background on FaceTime can enhance your video calls, it is not the sole method to enhance your virtual communication. Here are additional recommendations:

  • Illumination: Guarantee that your space is well-illuminated, preferably with natural light.
  • Audio: Utilize headphones with an integrated microphone for clear, high-quality audio.
  • Steadiness: Position your device on a leveled surface to avoid shaky footage.
  • Internet Connectivity: A reliable, high-speed connection can prevent call drops and video delays.
  • Protocol: Remember to mute yourself when not speaking to prevent background disturbances.


In the realm of virtual communication, mastering the technique of how to defocus background on FaceTime can elevate your video calls. Besides keeping the spotlight on you, it adds a touch of professionalism and refinement that can help you create a positive impression, whether engaging in a casual conversation with friends, a business meeting, or a virtual interview.


Can I alter the defocused background on FaceTime on any iPhone model?

No, the Portrait mode on FaceTime is accessible on iPhone models compatible with iOS 15 or newer versions.

Can I modify the intensity of the defocus on my FaceTime background?

No, presently, the intensity of blur in Portrait mode on FaceTime cannot be adjusted.

Can I utilize the FaceTime defocus background feature in a group call?

Yes, the Portrait mode in FaceTime can be employed during both one-on-one and group calls.

Can I deactivate the defocus effect during a FaceTime call?

Yes, you can disable the Portrait mode at any point during the call by tapping the Portrait button once more.

Is the defocus effect accessible on other video calling platforms?

Indeed, several video calling platforms, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, offer a similar defocus background feature. However, the precise steps for activation may vary.

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