Transform TikTok Videos into Dynamic Wallpapers: A Guide

by Hiu Hiu
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How To Make Live Wallpaper From TikTok

TikTok, the worldwide phenomenon of brief video content, has provided us with numerous instances of happiness, motivation, and ingenuity. Have you ever encountered a TikTok clip so captivating that you wanted to use it as your smartphone’s backdrop? Well, you’ll be glad to know that you can! Transforming a TikTok video into a dynamic wallpaper is an amazing method to revisit those memorable moments every time you look at your display. Let’s explore the process to accomplish this.

Steps to Transform a TikTok Clip into an Animated Wallpaper

  1. Select Your TikTok Clip:
    • Discover a TikTok video that you wish to have as your wallpaper. Opt for videos with a seamless loop or continuous movement for optimal impact.
  2. Save the Video:
    • Utilize the sharing feature on TikTok to download and store the video on your device.
  3. Convert to Animated Background:
    • Various applications, such as “IntoLive” or “Video to Live,” can convert videos into animated backgrounds. Obtain one of these apps from the App Store or Google Play.
    • Import your TikTok video into the selected app and adhere to the provided instructions to transform it into an animated background.
  4. Apply as Dynamic Wallpaper:
    • For iOS: Head to ‘Settings’ > ‘Wallpaper’ > ‘Choose a New Wallpaper’. Opt for ‘Live Photos’ and select the converted TikTok video. Tap ‘Set’ and opt for ‘Lock Screen,’ ‘Home Screen,’ or ‘Both’.
    • For Android: The process may differ depending on the device. Typically, long-press on the home screen, select ‘Wallpapers,’ then ‘Live Wallpapers,’ and choose the converted TikTok video.

Pro Tips for the Perfect TikTok Dynamic Wallpaper

  • Consider Video Length: Factor in the duration of the video. Brief, looping videos often function best as dynamic wallpapers.
  • Prioritize Quality: Opt for TikTok videos with sharp visuals and high resolution for optimal outcomes.
  • Monitor Battery Usage: Animated backgrounds can drain more battery compared to static ones. If you extensively use your phone, take this into consideration.
  • Explore and Customize: The realm of TikTok is extensive. Delve deeper, explore, and uncover treasures ideal for your wallpaper. Platforms like can also serve as a wellspring of inspiration.
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Final Thoughts

Transforming a TikTok video into an animated wallpaper is a distinct approach to personalize your device. It merges technology and artistry, enabling you to carry a fragment of TikTok enchantment with you all day long. Whether it’s a tranquil landscape, an eccentric dance, or an uplifting quote, your phone’s background can now be as lively as the universe of TikTok itself. Immerse yourself and let your screen sway to the TikTok beat!

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