Transform Your Tumblr Look: A Guide to Changing Backgrounds

by Hiu Hiu
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How to Change Tumblr Backgrounds

Tumblr serves as an engaging social media platform that enables individuals to showcase and distribute their imagination, particularly when eliminating backgrounds from visuals to add a personalized touch. Whether utilizing background-free images, videos, or text, Tumblr blogs provide users with a plethora of content possibilities. To differentiate your blog from others on the platform, unleash your creativity by tailoring your Tumblr backgrounds. Experiment with distinctive themes and colors of your choice, or eliminate backgrounds from visuals to grant each blog its unique identity.

This post delves into altering the background image on your initial presentation and themes. Additionally, it addresses several recommendations and strategies to maximize the potential of these customization functions. Let’s commence without delay!

Essential Points

  • Users can modify their backgrounds via blog appearance and theme settings.
  • Tumblr permits individuals to operate multiple or secondary blogs under a single account.
  • Users can select from free Tumblr themes or import custom HTML code crafted by freelance developers.

Steps to Adjust the Appearance Background on Tumblr

Add a captivating touch to your Tumblr profile with a compelling appearance. Craft a suitable ambiance by experimenting with different backgrounds, hues, typography, and banners – ensuring that your blog enthralls visitors at first glance! From loyal followers to curious explorers seeking recommendations– ensure you captivate them even before they delve into your content!

Here’s how to modify the Tumblr background within your appearance settings:

  1. Locate the profile icon on your Dashboard.
  2. In the dropdown menu, scroll down and select Customize Appearance.
  3. Above the header image, opt for Customize Appearance.
  4. Click on the Background feature and choose a hue from the color palette.
  5. Upon completion, tap Save.


  • Select the Title to modify the font and color of your Title and Description.
  • It’s possible to alter the banner image of your blog, though note that it divides your new background color in half. To accomplish this, proceed to Step #3 > select the pencil icon > Upload a Tumblr background photograph > Adjust the background placement > display the banner image by clicking Show header image > Save.
  • Users can integrate a profile picture while customizing the appearance by clicking the pencil icon atop the blog title.
  • If managing multiple blogs (also termed as secondary Tumblr blogs), execute the same steps to personalize the background image of your Appearance.
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Note: The outlined steps are based on the latest Tumblr configuration.

Altering the Tumblr Theme Background

A Tumblr Theme constitutes a readymade layout that dictates the structure, typography, colors, and other visual elements of your blog. Numerous Tumblr Themes are accessible, each boasting distinct styles and functionalities. You can opt for Tumblr’s themes or import your personalized theme by embedding it into the HTML.

Unlike an appearance setting, a Tumblr theme showcases a complete page featuring your posts and reblogs, customized to your preferences. Though often considered distinct from the appearance, many users regard this as a fascinating customization feature to enhance the overall aesthetics of their blog.

Follow these steps to revise the current default theme:

  1. Access the profile icon at the top-right corner of your Tumblr dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings (or the gear icon).
  3. Select your Tumblr blog situated on the lower right of the screen.
  4. Activate the Customize theme toggle, then opt for Modify Theme.
  5. Choose Explore Themes > Free Themes.
  6. Select a theme of your liking, then press Apply.
  7. In the Theme Options, access the Background setting. Pick a background color from the palette.
    Alternatively, tap the camera icon to insert a background image.
  8. Upon completion, click on Save.


  • Tumblr users may adopt a custom theme devised by freelance developers, simply click Edit HTML post Step #6 to import an HTML code. Click on the green button labeled Update Preview to preview your theme’s appearance prior to refining the background image.
  • Based on your desired aesthetics, both HTML code and themes provide compelling options to enhance your background. Why not experiment with a patterned backdrop using ‘background repeat’ or elevate the elegance with a sprawling image employing ‘no repeat’?

Infuse Style into Your Tumblr Profile

Equipped with our systematic guide, you’re now geared up to manipulate your Tumblr background with finesse! From varied customization choices, you can modify the color or upload an image to distinguish your Tumblr blog. However, don’t limit yourself there! Embark on discovering the limitless prospects of Tumblr Themes, elevating your blog’s aesthetics. Display the genuine you – forge your blog into a masterpiece that leaves visitors spellbound! Infuse your identity and creativity, curating a unique environment that reflects your essence. Enjoy the process… as no two blogs should ever mirror each other!

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