Ultimate Guide: Recovering Deleted Photos On Your iPhone

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How To Restore Your Deleted Photos On iPhone

The visual records stored in your iPhone’s image collection serve as nostalgic reminders of joyous moments shared with loved ones or captured solo adventures. Therefore, it could be rather distressing if you inadvertently delete some or all of these images. Such a mishap is indeed catastrophic, especially to those who deeply treasure every fleeting moment.

However, were you aware that it is feasible to reinstate those photos and revive them once more? Eager to resurrect those precious images? Here, then, is our manual on the process of returning deleted photos on iPhone. Additionally, we will delve into applications that revive backup files beyond solely deleted iPhone pictures.

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Crucial Points

  • Regaining erased iPhone photos is feasible through Apple’s recently deleted folder, iCloud, backup storage, and Google Photos.
  • iOS 16 enhances security through FaceID, aiding in the retrieval of permanently deleted photos from the recently deleted folder.
  • iCloud’s shared photo library facilitates effortless and worry-free preservation and recuperation of erased photos.
  • Alternative apps and tools are available for the revival of deleted images.

Approaches To Regain Erased Photos On iPhone

Given the deluge of snapshots taken in contemporary times, it is unsurprising that many would benefit from additional support in managing and reinstating them. Fortunately for iOS users, Apple has devised uncomplicated yet reliable methods to facilitate the retrieval of your images – ranging from recovering visuals on your device to regaining iPhone captures without necessitating professional intervention.

Moreover, a tried-and-tested method exists as well! Rest assured that you can access those cherished memories once more with just a few simple steps!

Outlined below are the most effective methods for reclaiming deleted photos. Take heed of these procedures in case you unintentionally erase photos on your iPhone.

iOS 16

The latest iOS 16 release by Apple introduces cutting-edge technology, encompassing an upgraded security measure – FaceID. This fresh feature on iPhones ensures that your device is shielded against all potential threats through state-of-the-art facial recognition.

With iOS 16, you can now ensure that your cherished snapshots never truly vanish! By executing a sequence of straightforward actions on your device and validating via FaceID recognition, you can resurrect photos that seemed to have been permanently wiped away.

Preserve all those memories to endure for years to come – irrespective of inadvertent losses!

Stepwise Image Recovery

  1. Utilize FaceID to access the Recently Deleted Folder.
  2. Subsequently, designate a photo or video clip for restoration.
  3. Lastly, confirm the restoration process by selecting the appropriate option.


Fed up with concerns regarding memory capacities and server storage? iOS 16 has your back! Through the groundbreaking iCloud Shared Photo Library, disseminating your dearest memories with loved ones across vast distances has never been simpler.

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This feature not only furnishes rapid connections to document every captured moment but also allows for stress-free preservation – ensuring that special moments can be circulated seamlessly even across great distances.

Make these enchanting snapshots readily accessible within moments with the flick of a switch; subsequently, learn the steps for reclaiming permanently deleted photos from your iCloud server.

Stepwise Image Recovery

  1. Navigate to the Recently Deleted folder after logging into iCloud.
  2. Select the desired photos and videos for retrieval.
  3. Your images are now reinstated in the Photos app on your device.

Upon completion, enjoy your permanently deleted photos from iPhone within your Photos app. Employing iCloud for deleted photo retrieval is a straightforward task. iCloud backups prove exceedingly beneficial when you aspire to recover deleted photos or other files.

Leverage iCloud today for the retrieval of inadvertently erased photos from your iPhone sans the necessity of employing third-party applications.

Always bear in mind that iCloud serves as an invaluable backup service when unforeseen circumstances arise. Ultimately, most iPhone users possess access to this functionality provided they possess an active Apple ID and compatible iPhone models.

Remember, maintaining iCloud backups of your most critical files and images is advisable, especially if you harbor concerns about losing all your existing data.

Backup Storage

Inadvertently delete a photo on your iPhone? No problem! Apple has streamlined the process for ensuring that backups of all your photos and videos are readily available.

All that is requisite are three elements – a USB lightning cable, a computer, and external storage – to effortlessly attempt the reinstatement of permanently deleted photos on your device. Adhere to these outlined steps, and you’ll soon be able to laugh off near-catastrophes.

  1. Connect both the iPhone and external storage to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. Subsequently, launch the Files application or an alternate third-party software.
  3. Select all the desired media files for transfer from your SD card or hard drive.
  4. Initiate the transfer to your iPhone.
  5. You can now relish your recovered photos.

Following the recovery of deleted photos within your iPhone’s Camera Roll, indulge in their rediscovery within your folders or Camera Roll.

You now possess an additional method for resorting to when aiming to recover deleted photos. Moreover, remember to utilize your external storage to safeguard your iPhone backup files.

Google Photos

You may already be acquainted with Google Drive, Google’s complimentary cloud storage service that accompanies every account.

This option proves to be an excellent substitute for an iCloud account, particularly if you predominantly utilize the former. You can upload iPhone photos to the platform for storage.

Presently, Google offers a cloud service tailored exclusively for images – Google Photos.

If you seek to restore deleted photos that possess duplicates within the cloud service, simply access your Google Photos. Engage in the process of photo retrieval through the following steps:


  1. Commence the Google Photos application.
  2. Select all your photos within the application.
  3. Subsequently, navigate to the More option.
  4. Choose the Download option.


  1. Visit the Google Photos website.
  2. Select the duplicates of your deleted iPhone photos.
  3. Then, proceed to download the selected duplicates.
  1. Considering downloading the photos
  2. The photos can then be transferred by linking your iPhone with your Mac or PC
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It’s effortless to retrieve erased photos using Google Photos. Simply ensure that you have duplicates of recently erased photos uploaded on Google Photos.

Give a warm welcome to your erased iPhone photos again using this cloud service by Google. Restore photos without the need to navigate through numerous apps and procedures when utilizing Google Photos today!

Utilizing Third-Party Applications And Software for Regaining iPhone Photos

With the vast amount of data stored on our devices, it can be quite distressing when pictures and videos disappear inexplicably! Fortunately, there are programs dedicated to iPhone recovery available for both PC and Mac that aid in recovering deleted media and other lost files.

Although accidental deletions may occur from time to time, phone malfunctions or unexpected glitches can also lead to the removal of crucial digital evidence – emphasizing the necessity of having a dependable recovery tool.

For those looking to recover lost photos and other data, these recovery tools can be a lifesaver! While the free versions offer limited data retrieval, individuals seeking to restore large quantities of deleted files have the option of paid plans that facilitate iPhone file recovery.

Whether it’s about retrieving cherished memories or essential documents – when all else fails, these trustworthy solutions are there for your convenience.

Continue exploring to discover the finest professional data recovery software programs you can utilize.

iPhone Photo Recovery Software You Can Utilize

After outlining the functionality of iPhone recovery tools, let’s delve into some applications that can assist you in recovering deleted photos, files, apps, and even a recent backup.

Below are some software solutions you can experiment with immediately to recover deleted photos and iPhone backup files.

Dr. Phone

Recovering accidentally deleted photos can be a stressful experience, but with Filmora’s Dr. Phone, this is no longer an issue! This exceptional tool scans your iPhone for lost data and offers two versions with yearly ($69.95) or lifetime access rates ($79.95).

In addition to recovering forgotten images, there’s no need to disconnect the device – this service interacts directly with your phone, eliminating any additional hassle!

Don’t miss out on restoring peace of mind while ensuring the security of all that valuable stored information by utilizing one of the most reliable services in the Data Recovery field today, Filmora’s Dr. Phone. Dr. Phone utilizes data from your phone, iCloud, and iTunes backup files for file recovery.

Tenorshare Ultrdata

Tenorshare is a reputable name in the realm of online tools. This extends to their recovery tool, Ultrdata. Ultrdata enables you to recover photos, iPhone data, and files through three different methods. Restore backups from iTunes and iCloud, as well as using your iOS device.

However, opting to recover permanently deleted photos will necessitate an upgrade to their paid version. The free version solely provides file previews to assess if recovery is feasible.

If you aim to recover photos from your iPhone Camera Roll, you must acquire the paid version.

An excellent choice to retrieve not only photos but also lost messages and documents.

Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone

If you’ve inadvertently deleted a collection of treasured memories, Stellar is here to assist! This program can recover photos from iPhones dating back to older models.

Stellar’s scanning feature lets you locate deleted photos and evaluate their recoverability. Additionally, messages and other crucial files are likely to be restored by this reliable tool.

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While a free version is available for scanning lost data, individuals requiring complete restoration should invest $39.99 per year to retrieve their most cherished pictures and documents!

iMobie Phone Rescue

If you encounter crashes, data loss, or iPhone-related issues, iMobie’s Phone Rescue is the solution. It not only facilitates the recovery of permanently deleted photos but also troubleshoots concerning phone issues.

Indeed, this application serves a dual purpose at the same cost. Speaking of the cost, acquiring the full version grants you the ability to recover deleted photos from your iPhone alongside other files.

Similar to other free versions, this free version solely scans your phone and provides file previews. If you have lost photos and aspire to rectify your iPhone’s issues, secure Phone Rescue today!

Leawo iOS Data Recovery

If you utilize a Mac system and wish to retrieve deleted images or a recently deleted album, Leawo’s offering is tailored for you. However, it’s worth noting that this recovery tool is optimal for iOS 10 but might also work with subsequent versions.

Offsetting this limitation is the tool’s rapid scanning capabilities, facilitating a quicker recovery of deleted photos compared to other software. An excellent app for restoring iPhone backups and photos whenever data loss occurs.

Reasons Behind Recovering Deleted Photos

Accidental deletions of photos and videos can occur. Perhaps you intended to delete one photo or video but mistakenly clicked on another.

Your photos and videos featuring moments shared with friends or loved ones, your recent vacation, and a favorite selfie hold immense value.

Hence, having a means to retrieve these photos is essential. Fortunately, numerous methods are currently available for this purpose.

Previously, recovering your favorite photos after deletion would have been challenging. This underscores the importance of having file backups, especially if you inadvertently deleted a photo or encountered issues requiring iPhone factory reset.

This is how you can recover permanently deleted photos from your iPhone.

To wrap up, we’ll further elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of various processes for recovering deleted photos.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Different Recovery Approaches


  • The Recently Deleted folder is easily accessible, especially with FaceID registration.
  • Utilizing your iCloud backup or external storage is an excellent method to restore deleted pictures and videos.
  • All photos saved in your iCloud backup or iPhone backup via external storage will retain their image quality.
  • Deleted files will remain in your Recently Deleted folder until they are also deleted from there.


  • Accessing the Recently Deleted folder via your iPhone demands FaceID authentication.
  • Photos on the iPhone that haven’t been backed up via iCloud or external storage won’t reappear magically.
  • Utilizing third-party apps may incur a small cost but is typically effective.

Concluding Thoughts

Preserve those precious memories! With appropriate tools and steps, you can recover deleted photos on your iPhone.

Ensure the backup of critical files so that emergency options are available in unfortunate scenarios. Additionally, enabling FaceID goes beyond convenience when attempting to recover lost images, facilitating easy navigation of your phone’s Recently Deleted folder.

Armed with an iCloud account, external storage device, or pre-prepared recovery toolkit – rest assured in reclaiming cherished moments for future enjoyment via the iPhone gallery app!

This concludes our guide on retrieving deleted photos from your iPhone. We trust that this guide proves helpful whenever you seek to restore a recently deleted album or a single image. Additionally, some programs aid in enhancing your phone’s performance and can undertake iPhone restore operations apart from scanning iPhone backups.

Lastly, remember to maintain backup files of your data. This paves the way for an easier restoration of deleted pictures on your iOS device.

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