Unlocking Art: What Art Comes Free with the Samsung Frame TV?

by Hiu Hiu
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Does The Samsung Frame TV Come With Free Art?

The Samsung Frame TV has transformed the traditional television into a piece of art, altering its purpose from pure entertainment to artistic expression. One of the notable features of the Frame TV is its Art Mode, which allows the display of artwork when not functioning as a regular TV. Prospective buyers and art enthusiasts often inquire whether the Samsung Frame TV provides complimentary art. Let’s explore the art content offered by the Frame TV and how to best utilize this feature.

Artistic Display in the Samsung Frame TV

The Samsung Frame TV distinguishes itself from conventional televisions through its Art Mode. In inactive moments, the Frame TV converts into an exquisite art exhibit, with the screen replicating the texture and hues of an actual canvas, creating a sophisticated presence in any space.

Availability of Free Art with the Samsung Frame TV

Initial Art Collection

Upon purchasing a Samsung Frame TV, it arrives pre-equipped with an array of art pieces. This initial assortment encompasses a diverse range of styles and genres, enabling immediate enjoyment of the artistic capabilities of your TV. The collection typically includes landscapes, abstract pieces, and timeless artworks, providing a glimpse into the potential of your Frame TV.

Exploring the Samsung Art Store Trial

In addition to the pre-installed art, new owners of the Frame TV usually receive a complimentary trial for the Samsung Art Store. This subscription service grants access to an extensive library of artwork from prestigious global institutions, galleries, and artists. The trial duration allows exploration of this vast collection and personalization of your environment with high-quality art.

Post-Trial Options: Subscription or Individual Procurement

Upon conclusion of the trial period, you can opt to subscribe to the Samsung Art Store for continuous access to its extensive art repository. Alternatively, you may purchase individual artworks for permanent inclusion in your collection. This flexibility permits customization of your art exhibition according to your preferences and budget.

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Personalized Art and Images

Alongside the Art Store, the Samsung Frame TV allows you to exhibit your personal images and artwork. Uploading your own pictures is effortless through a USB drive or the Samsung SmartThings app. This feature empowers your Frame TV to feature not just professional art but also your cherished memories and creations.


The Samsung Frame TV indeed offers complimentary art, comprising an initial selection of pre-loaded artworks and a trial subscription to the Samsung Art Store. This unique fusion of technology and art permits the transformation of your living space with captivating, dynamic displays that reflect your individual style and interests. Whether you opt for a subscription, individual purchases, or the showcase of your personal photos and artwork, the Samsung Frame TV emerges as an innovative means to blend television and art seamlessly into your daily life.

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