What Are 4D Wallpapers: Everything You Need To Know

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What Are 4D Wallpapers: Everything You Need To Know

Adapting to the use of 4D wallpapers may feel unfamiliar, even for those frequently changing wallpapers on their devices. Nevertheless, diving into the realm of 4D home screen visuals adds an additional layer of enjoyment to personalizing your computer or smartphone.

Unlike animations or video recordings, 4D wallpapers offer a distinct characteristic of depth, providing a different experience. For those new to this concept, here is a breakdown of 4D lock screen images and guidelines on acquiring them.

Notable Points

  • Dynamic 4D wallpapers utilize a device’s gyroscope or accelerometer to bring static images to life.
  • They enhance the dimensionality of the subject and background, creating a 3-dimensional appearance.
  • To craft a 4D wallpaper, import an image to an editor, use the Spot Healing Brush Tool to distinguish the subject and background, then save the elements separately.

Introduction to 4D Wallpapers?

Enhance your home screen experience with captivating 4D animated wallpapers! By employing the smartphone’s inbuilt gyroscope or accelerometer, these dynamic wallpapers give static images a lifelike quality. Depending on the device’s movement, different facets of an image can appear suspended in digital space, allowing for multiple viewing perspectives to appreciate its magnificence. Let 4D wallpapers redefine your daily screen interactions!

4D effects possess the ability to metamorphose any subject into a dimensionally enriched masterpiece. From the faces in photographs to illustrations on paper and visual art around us – virtually everything can now exhibit a three-dimensional effect! Infuse vitality and texture into your usual surroundings with an exciting visual allure that breaks away from traditional 2D viewing encounters.

Crafting 4D Wallpapers

If you’re eager to explore the realm of complimentary 4D live wallpapers, you might be contemplating a recommended application. It seems like the quickest way to set up 4D wallpapers on your smartphone, doesn’t it?

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However, there might be instances where you prefer using a self-captured image to serve as your wallpaper. In such scenarios, the most efficient method of acquiring 4D wallpapers for your device is by creating them from scratch. Below is a guide on achieving this without resorting to stock 4D wallpapers from an application.

1. Discover an Image

As expected, the initial phase involves sourcing an image. Visit your phone’s gallery or transfer pictures from a digital or DSLR camera to your desktop. Browse through the collection until you find a suitable image. Only a single static image will be required for this task.

Ideally, the chosen image should include a foreground subject and a distinguishable background. Moreover, the background should not be too intricate, as it may pose difficulties when separating them later to produce the 4D effect.

Feel free to experiment with diverse image types that can be transformed into 4D wallpapers according to your preference. However, remember that each image will need editing to convert it into a 4D background.

Alternatively, for individuals proficient in creative applications, designing an image is also an option. Whether creating a graphic design, illustration, or painting, ensure that the foreground and background elements are on separate layers, then proceed to step 6.

2. Import the Image to an Editing Tool

Ready to embark on creating a 4D wallpaper? Employ an image editor for this task, with Adobe Photoshop standing out as a robust choice. The Spot Healing Brush Tool facilitates seamless separation of the background and foreground – an ideal companion for crafting your masterpiece! Alternatives like Affinity Photo or GIMP also serve as excellent options to elevate any image into a work of art effortlessly.

3. Distinguish Between the Subject and Background

The Spot Healing Brush Tool in Photoshop acts as your personalized makeover assistant! Simply brush over elements to be removed from the image, witnessing a once-flat background morphing into a magical transformation – provided there is sufficient contrast around those elements. With this tool and a touch of effort, you can elevate any image from mundane to extraordinary – envision yourself on the cover of an exclusive magazine with every brushstroke!

4. Reimport the Image

With a clutter-free background, it’s time to unleash your creative side! Reimport the same image back into Photoshop and let your creativity take the reins – the possibilities for transforming the image are infinite.

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5. Select an Object

For a captivating 4D parallax effect, precise object selection is key. Isolate the subject you wish to highlight and ensure a clear differentiation from its background for maximum impact! Initial chaos in the selection process can be streamlined with the Quick Selection Tool, refining selections effortlessly and guaranteeing an impeccable final outcome.

If ultimate precision is your pursuit, the Pen Tool presents a viable choice albeit a lengthier process compared to standard canvas selection. After meticulously selecting with this tool, copy and paste to generate a layer containing only the selected elements – eliminating unwanted details and complications!

6. Save the Elements Separately

Subsequently, save both the background and subject layers as distinct files. Right-click on each layer (foreground and background) and select “Export As.” Save the image to a designated folder on your desktop.

Ensure to save the subject/foreground file as a PNG file to retain a transparent background appearance. Otherwise, saving it without transparency will result in a subject image with a white backdrop, compromising the proposed 4D effect.

7. Transfer the Files to Your Mobile Device

Illuminate your phone screen with captivating 4D wallpapers conveniently from your screen! Attach images to an email and dispatch them to yourself. Upon opening them on your device, proceed to import them into your gallery. Android users have an array of applications at their disposal for this task, and iOS users should encounter no obstacles either!

8. Utilize an Application to Create the 4D Wallpaper

Immerse yourself in a realm of endless possibilities with 3D Wallpaper Parallax Free! This Android application enables the creation of unique 4D wallpapers by merging personal gallery images. Choose a background and a foreground image, witness their fusion into a distinctive masterpiece that suspends the subject in time and space. Embrace this innovative tool now and discover the captivating creations that lie ahead!

9. Preview Your Parallax 4D Lock Screen Wallpaper

Select the “Preview” option in the lower right corner to evaluate the sufficiency of the parallax effect. It might necessitate additional tweaking in this process.Resize the layers on the stage using two fingers.

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Keep in mind that the dashed box displayed on the app will indicate the initial visibility areas on your phone. It is advisable to keep the background larger than that region. This will result in a cleaner appearance for the 4D wallpaper, eliminating any black borders that may appear while tilting your phone.

10. Applying as Wallpaper

Upon completion, select the “Apply As Wallpaper” function on the preview screen. This action will set the 4D wallpaper as your current phone background.

You may also explore our guide on the Top 4D Wallpapers Download Applications To Experiment with Today.

Where Can 4D Wallpapers Be Used?

Utilizing 4D wallpapers for your background is largely beneficial. However, our discussion has mainly focused on 4D wallpapers for Android tablets and phones in this article. With that being said, do 4D wallpapers work with other operating systems? In which scenarios can they be used? Continue reading for more information.

Computer or Desktop

Although computers typically lack accelerometers or gyroscopes, there are 4D wallpapers available for laptops. To achieve this effect, you may need to utilize an application like Rainmeter. Despite Windows being highly customizable, implementing this feature is indeed possible.

Mac or MacBook

Even though Macs are not as customizable as Windows, they offer live and dynamic wallpapers integrated into the system. However, these do not support 4D parallax effects by default, limiting users to standard dynamic wallpapers.

iPhone or iPad

Regrettably, similar to Mac devices, iOS gadgets only provide native support for dynamic wallpapers. As a result, 4D wallpaper apps with the parallax effect found on Android are not available. The only option is utilizing Apple’s version of live or dynamic wallpapers.

Android Devices

There is a wide array of options on the Android platform, as mentioned in this article. However, it is essential to note that not all Android phones are equipped to support 4D wallpapers. Most prominent phone models from companies like Samsung or Xiaomi should be compatible. Nevertheless, verification of compatibility between your Android OS and phone brand is necessary for 4D wallpapers.


Smartwatches naturally exhibit somewhat dynamic wallpapers due to the emphasis on complications and widgets. Additionally, most smartwatch wallpapers feature various animations. However, no smartwatch currently offers a 4D wallpaper with a parallax effect.

Final Thoughts

4D wallpapers are an excellent method to enhance your device and introduce uniqueness. Some wallpapers may remain static, while others are available in animated versions. Furthermore, numerous applications on Android and Windows can assist you in achieving this immersive effect. Nonetheless, many operating systems do not support the parallax depth effect, which may limit the devices where you can apply and download a 4D lock screen. Whether sharing it with friends or enjoying it personally, delve into the realm of captivating 4D wallpapers today.

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